What Our Patients Say

"I wish to inform you that my doctors, Dr. Mirza and Dr. Jafri, are the two greatest doctors that I have and would never change them. Also, the nurses are great with the patient and kind and courteous to us. All I know they are very polite and patient to me and others."

"I have always been pleased and happy with my medical care. Dr. Jayendra Patel guided me through my bypass surgery with flying colors. I have been coming here for about 25-30 years and look forward to another 30 years." Dennis Clarke

"Since my triple bypass surgery in December of 2009 the doctors and staff of Medical Associates of Marlboro have been caring, attentive, and understanding of my needs and concerns. They make sure my vital signs and body function is within line with suggested medical recommendations. They also make sure my prescriptions are current and correct. They have done a good job and I'm feeling well." Jonathan Jagerman

"I've been seeing Dr. Patel and Dr. Alario for many years. Their time, concern, and thoughtfullness about my health and options for care have been greatly appreciated! Both doctors listen and discuss my concerns. Thanks for the comfort and attendance." Rick Hollander

"Paulette Carlsen is always professional, polite, caring, and very thorough. She is always willing to help and is always pleasant to deal with. Dr. Jafri is also an excellent doctor. She is very patient, listens carefully, and tries to help the patient resolve their issues. She also calls back with results and any concerns she may have." Charles Fino

"Doctors, nurses, and staff are excellent as far as I'm concerned, and very professional." Albert Bothams

"I have been a patient of Dr. Mirza and Dr. Jafri for a number of years, and I couldn't ask for better doctors. They are always there for me when I need them." Angela Culozzo

"Dr. Jafri has been my physician for about twenty years, and the reason is she leaves no stones unturned. She reminds me of my mother, that is she is understanding and she ALWAYS looks at what is best for me. The staff treats you with courtesy and respect, and I like that. Keep up the good work! I give them '10s' across the board." Melvin Douglas Simmons

"I have been a patient of Dr. Parikh for more than 15 years for Dr. Parikh is knowledgeable, approachable, and caring. There is an excellent staff, and they are very helpful and pleasant. Suraiya is especially thorough and caring." Ila Kamdar

"I have been a patient of Dr. Mirza for about 30 years, and his assistant Paulette Carlsen. I've been very happy with Dr. Mirza. His assistant Paulette Carlsen has been the utmost helpful, caring, and kind nurse in every way."

"Dr. Mirza is my primary doctor. He is always wonderful!"
Milie Junco

"I have been a patient at your Woodbridge, NJ office for many years. Since I moved to Spotswood, NJ in 2007 I have continued to see my same doctors in Old Bridge, NJ. I have nothing but good things to say about the physician, nurses, and staff."

"Physicians, nurses and staff are all friendly and provide excellent services." Victor Chen

"I have been a patient in the office of Medical Associates of Marlboro for approximately 15 years. When I needed a cardiologist, Dr. Patel was right there, and Dr. Alario provided ongoing internal medicine care. Rapport between a patient and their doctor makes the combination work. The staff is warm and friendly, but when I come to see my doctor, it's like visiting with someone that really cares about me."

"I have been under Dr. Alario's care for approximately 20 years now. During that time I have found him to be extremely knowledgeable and thorough as well as caring and compassionate. He has healed me of many different ailments during these years; not only with treatment and medicine, but also with his friendly attitude and excellent sense of humor. I thank God for Dr. Alario and pray he will continue to practice for many years to come." Frank Conte Jr.

"A dear friend recommended me to Dr. Vijay Bhatnagar as it was necessary to find a cardiologist. Within a very short time, it was determined I needed a triple bypass and have been under Dr. Bhatnagar's care since. His entire staff is friendly, helpful, and efficient and I am grateful for the care I receive. Dr. Bhatnagar's sill and demeanor made a traumatic time easier and I have complete confidence in him." Kathleen Chinchar

"The staff is wonderful and very helpful. The tech staff are great and pleasant. Dr. Bhatnagar is wonderful and always concerned and helpful." Joan Cronin

"I strongly believe that I would have expired years ago if it were not for the excellent care of my doctors in this office. Dr. Chaudhery knows my body and its various needs; he is an excellent diagnostician, is patient and most of all he listens to me. The staff in this office is second to none. The patients are made to feel comfortable and important." Edna Cart-Dan

"I am very happy with the courtesy, competency, and services rendered by MAOM." Ajitkumar Shah

"Words are inadequate to express my appreciation for Dr. Chaudhery's service, and his dedication to me for some 3 decades of 'our' lives. He has contributed greatly to my longevity and more importantly the quality of my life. On behalf of my family and myself, I want to thank Dr. Chaudhery for being there for me. I will send him a postcard from Ireland when I celebrate my 100th birthday in four years."
Florence Miller


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