About Us

Medical Associates of Marlboro (MAOM) was founded in July 2001. From the original Marlboro office with 6 staff members and 4 physicians, we have grown to 8 office locations, with over 60 staff members, and 15 physicians, in just 10 years. MAOM understands the needs of patients, and realizes that it is important to provide them with an open network of physicians. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of personalized care while simultaneously offering a multitude of specialties to each of our patients. Our diagnostic testing is done on location at most of our locations in order to expedite the diagnostic process. At MAOM, we sincerely believe that working as a team with our staff and referring physicians to achieve our patients' health goals is imperative to optimizing health care.

Our website has been designed with our patients in mind, by allowing them to learn more about their health conditions through our "health topics", while gaining a better understanding of our practice as a whole.

Our Physicians

Internal Medicine:



Hematology and Oncology:

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